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Case Study: Corcentric

Requirements Corcentric, which delivers spend and revenue management solutions as well as fleet financing services, operates in a highly regulated industry with lease transactions involving a complicated and time-consuming paper-based …
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Want to Digitally Transform Your Equipment Leasing and Finance Operations?
You’ll Need to Connect to the ELF Ecosystem

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Whether or not they consider it “transformation,” a growing number of organizations that provide equipment leasing and finance (ELF) are investing in digital tools and digital processes. In fact, the …

Wolters Kluwer Demos eOriginal® ClosingCenter, the Industry’s Most Open and Complete eClosing Solution, at HousingWire Mortgage Tech Virtual Demo Day

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Wolters Kluwer product experts participated in HousingWire’s Mortgage Closing Tech Demo Day to shed light on how technology can help originators meet growing demand for frictionless yet scalable digital mortgage …

Case Study: Comvest

Requirements In 2016, Comvest Capital needed assistance to enforce its claim over pledged collateral. The investment firm had lent an estimated $65 million to Aequitas Capital Management, whose assets and …
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Why Financial Asset Data Management Must Mirror the Internet of Things Model in 2016

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The world is becoming increasingly data centric; and thus there has been a growing need and response to gathering data in central locations. One of the biggest tech buzzwords over …

Pawnee Leasing Corporation

Case Study Released: Pawnee Leasing Corporation Achieves Digital Success

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Meet Pawnee Leasing Corporation Specializing in small-ticket equipment leasing, Pawnee Leasing Corporation has been providing business equipment leases to equipment leasing brokers, dealers/manufacturers and small business owners since 1982. Not …

Digital Transaction Management

Q&A Series: Who is Adopting Digital Transaction Management within my Industry?

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Last month, Ryan Asdenti, a Sales Executive of eOriginal, kicked off his Q&A Series by discussing how an electronic signature holds up in court. In his weekly Q&A Summer Series, Ryan …


Q&A Series: Will My Financial Assets Be Safe?

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Earlier this month, Ryan Asdenti, a Sales Executive of eOriginal, kicked off his Q&A Series and has since been answering common questions that come up during the sales process. Have a …

Q&A Series: What Makes Electronic Asset Management Essential?

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Last week, Ryan Asdenti, a Sales Executive of eOriginal, kicked off his Q&A Series by discussing how an electronic signature holds up in court. In his weekly Q&A Summer Series, Ryan …


Q&A Series: How Does An Electronic Signature Hold Up In Court?

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While digital signature technology has been around for decades, it is still a relatively new concept for many industries. Ryan Asdenti, a Sales Executive of eOriginal, will be walking us …

LeaseTeam & eOriginal: Simplify Originations with Aspire and Digital Transaction Management

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LeaseTeam, Inc., the premier solution provider in the equipment leasing and finance marketplace, alongside eOriginal Inc., the digital transaction experts, are excited to present their joint end-to-end Digital Transaction Management …

New Drivers for Digital Transaction Management and Digital Assets

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Aragon Research, a leading technology analyst firm, released a report titled Digital Transaction Management and the Rise of Digital Assets last week. Here is how eOriginal makes sense of the …

eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Features: What is Paper In® and Paper Out®?

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In a perfect world, the introduction of solutions supporting a paperless business process would completely eliminate the need for physical paper. When copying and faxing were first introduced, paper was …

What Is TOLEC and Why It Matters

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Understanding the standard behind vault-to-vault transfers of financial assets By definition, TOLEC stands for the Transfer of Location of Electronic Contracts. But, in layman’s terms, what does that mean? To …

What is Marketplace Lending and How Does eOriginal Fit into It?

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The marketplace lending industry, known to some as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, continues to grow rapidly as consumers and small to mid-market businesses look for new, innovative ways to secure financing. …

Technology Highlight: Focus on What We Do Best Product Roadmap: Ease of Deployment

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In 2000, eOriginal made the risky decision to move from the “well established” Sybase PowerBuilder based software suite to the recently released Java based J2EE platform. With J2EE and the …

eOriginal on Location at ABS Vegas: SFIG event

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I’m at ABS Vegas today attending the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG) annual conference This is my second conference as part of the eOriginal team and it’s only been four …

Is 2015 The Year You Keep Your Resolution To Go Digital?

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Every year, you make the same resolutions whether they be personal or work related… I will exercise more. I will eat healthier. I will do my work more efficiently. We’ll …