Digital Asset Management

Case Study: Comvest

Requirements In 2016, Comvest Capital needed assistance to enforce its claim over pledged collateral. The investment firm had lent an estimated $65 million to Aequitas Capital Management, whose assets and …
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Paper Out® Process

Paper Out® facilitates the removal of an Electronic Original® document from the repository. This solution brief covers how resulting original document may then be managed in either paper or electronic media, outside of the repository.

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Paper In® Process

Paper In® supports paper signing when eSignature is not an option. Read this solution brief for insight into its proprietary four-step process, and how it enables organizations to manage assets digitally, post-signature, while maintaining the highest levels of compliance.

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Identity Verification: Maintain Compliance and Enforceability of Your Electronic Assets

Maintain Compliance and Enforceability of Your Electronic Assets

This guide lays out exactly how eOriginal provides the authentication required for an evolving landscape of digital threats, from basic PIN numbers to advanced measures like allowing SmartSign to capture a picture of the signer. Learn how your team can have peace of mind when conducting electronic signing.

Case Study: MotoLease

REQUIREMENTS MotoLease’s commitment to transformative technology adoption has resulted in unparalleled efficiencies for its team and a competitive advantage for dealers. Under the recommendation from a credit facility provider, MotoLease …
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A Digital Year in Review: Top Blogs from 2018

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This was an important year for the continuing digital transformation of auto finance, mortgage, equipment finance and across the lending ecosystem. As we get ready for 2019, we’re taking one …

How the Digital Revolution Expedites and Improves the Securitization Process in Vehicle Finance

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While enhanced customer experience frequently gets the headlines, the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) revolution has impacted every aspect of the vehicle finance industry. By connecting digital loan origination systems, dealer management …

eOriginal: Why Online Lending Lacks Consistancy

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Consistency is, and will continue to be, the biggest problem that the FinTech Marketplace Lending industry will face in 2016. Although FinTech start-ups are still subject to many of the …

Digital Is Becoming the New Normal for Vehicle Finance

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Digital Transaction Management (DTM) was born out of the philosophy of enabling businesses to function 100 percent digitally, by giving organizations the ability to electronically execute and manage a wide …