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More than Just a Signature: Equipment Leasing Discovers Next Level of Digital Transformation

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Have you had the opportunity to read the March/April 2015 NEFA Newsline magazine? If so, you may have noticed a familiar face on page 27. Our very own John Jacobs, …

What is Marketplace Lending and How Does eOriginal Fit into It?

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The marketplace lending industry, known to some as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, continues to grow rapidly as consumers and small to mid-market businesses look for new, innovative ways to secure financing. …

Technology Highlight: Focus on What We Do Best Product Roadmap: Ease of Deployment

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In 2000, eOriginal made the risky decision to move from the “well established” Sybase PowerBuilder based software suite to the recently released Java based J2EE platform. With J2EE and the …