[Beyond eSignature] How to Capture Value of a Digital Financial Ecosystem

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I recently came across a great infographic on LinkedIn that clearly illustrates the digital connections of an organization’s technology stack. At first glance, it’s overwhelming, but take a moment to look at the image from your organization’s standpoint. What does your firm’s tech-stack look like? It may not be as robust as this instance, but it’s likely that you’re moving in that direction since the trend for an interconnected digital ecosystem continues to evolve.

example tech-stack


Does Your Tech-Stack Include eSignature?

One software integration that has been widely successful is the adoption of eSignatures, which have improved business operations across industries and provided huge savings. Yet eSignature use is only one required element for a company-wide digital transformation effort, especially in financial services and other highly scrutinized industries. Most firms implementing eSignature are not looking at what happens post-signature, which can be a costly mistake down the road.

eSignatures Gain Value with Digital Ecosystem

So how does a company move beyond the signature to gain value? A fully integrated digital financial ecosystem where the technology enables all players to work together is the answer. The technology is available, but it can be overwhelming for firms to vet digital transaction applications, especially when the need to securely manage the entire lifecycle of a document is a critical requirement.

forreter-webinar-ticker-may-2017Learn the Ecosystem Essentials

The good news? Education is available to help organizations understand essential technology components to capture value beyond the signature. In our upcoming webinar, eOriginal’s President, Steve Bisbee will present alongside our featured panelist, Forrester’s Craig Le Clair.   Attendees will learn the five essentials for digital transformation. Plus, learn about the key technology components required to manage a full digital lifecycle. Click here to register.