Solar Meets FinTech – And It’s Stellar

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“Put aside any preconceptions that solar power is the impractical dream of tree-hugging, granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing environmentalists. The industry is poised for a long-term boom that should generate market-thumping gains for …

How Stable is the Non-Prime Auto Structured Finance Market?

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At a glance, the structured finance market, both within the U.S. and globally, will have another stable year. According to the “Global Structured Finance Market 2016 – 2020” study published …

Digital Custodians: Investment Growth in 2016

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Digital Transaction Management (DTM) for financial assets is one of the most rapidly developing technology segments globally. Within the multi-faceted DTM world, document custodians play a crucial, but often overlooked, …


Why There is no Better Time for Digital Transaction Management

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Aragon Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm, recently produced its annual report on the key trends in Digital Transaction Management (DTM). While we are grateful to be listed …

Wrap Up: Leading Marketplace Lenders Come Together for California FinTech Event

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Earlier this month, John Jacobs, eOriginal’s Director of Sales Operations, joined a leading vendor panel at the California FinTech Technology Forum – an intimate event hosted at DocuSign’s headquarters in …