5 Reasons the Digital Transformation Begins with eOriginal

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eOriginal is not the same company it used to be. While the user interface and functionality of our eAsset® Management Platform and SmartSign® software may visually appear to be the same, the company itself is growing.

eOriginal transforms as more companies in more and more industries move toward their own digital transformation. A greater number of industries continue to adopt; and it is just the beginning.

Here is why 2015 will be the best year yet for eOriginal:

 1. eOriginal had a standout first quarter.

Not only did eOriginal meet and exceed its first quarter goals, but last month our customers hit an all-time record for the number of documents that were digitally transacted on our eAsset® Management Platform. Our customers created 95,295 transactions last month containing 492,860 documents. (Finally, beating out our legendary 86,000 transactions in June of 2009).

2. We are emerging into new industry verticals.

As you might have noticed, DTM is not a single industry solution. Across a variety of industries, our extensive experience and intellectual property provides the confidence and peace of mind necessary for fully digital business transactions. We are steadily emerging into new industries and increasing our brand awareness and thought leadership within them.

Most recently, customers in Marketplace Lending and Vacation Ownership industries are a good fit for our end-to-end solution. At the rate DTM is growing, we anticipate our market and industry verticals to expand throughout 2015.

3. We are spreading the word.

If you are looking to meet with an eOriginal sales team member, we will most likely be traveling to a city near you soon. eOriginal is attending more conferences and participating in more speaking engagements than ever before. This month alone we will be traveling to five different events across the United States. Check out our Events page for more information and contact us today to set up a meeting.

4. We are growing our staff.

During the remainder of the year, we will have many new faces joining our company. As the need for digital asset management grows, we understand that we must grow alongside it to support our existing and future customers. We are taking significant strides to increase our staff across the board so that our customers do not experience any growing pains; but rather realize better customer support and usability of our solutions.

 5. Digital transformation of business processes is only going to get bigger!

Across industries, there is an increasing demand for an end-to-end digital asset management solution that includes electronic vaulting. The good thing is, we have it. With encryption, tamper seals, access/rights management, and audit trails, businesses can securitize their assets through digitization of their business processes. Combined with the flexibility of transaction services and transferable record services, DTM provides users with maintenance and control of their financial assets for their entire lifecycle, including post-signature execution.