Announcing: eOriginal officially becomes
part of Wolters Kluwer
Trust the Asset.
Trust the Transaction.®
Enabling trusted transactions for the most valuable digital loan assets. The new eOriginal launching Fall 2018
We believe lending should be
frictionless, secure, and trusted from
the borrower to the secondary market

Equipment leasing has changed overnight. Till now, many industry players have taken a wait-and-see approach to adopting electronic processes.
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eOriginal releases turnkey RON partner integrations, enabling complete closing flexibility for lenders, borrowers and settlement agents
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Auto Finance Summit 2020 was all-virtual this year, a format made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

Solutions to Simplify Digital Lending from the Close to the Secondary Market

Asset 1@4x

Manage your documents in a fully digital environment

Asset 2@4x

Securely manage your assets with our frictionless solution

Asset 3@4x

Sign documents on any device with our eSignature application

Asset 4@4x

Enhance your closing experience with our simple, open, and scalable cloud-based solution

Speed and Capital Efficiency

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The eOriginal platform accelerates the rate at which digital
financial assets are originated, collateralized, securitized and
sold into the secondary market – fueling greater capital
efficiency and leverage.

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