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“With its legal enforceability and clear ‘paper trail’ to establish digital asset ownership, eOriginal has become the industry leader in marketplace lending if you want to enable subsequent sales and securitization while providing unmatched peace of mind.”

Scott Saunders, Founder and CEO, Payoff

“As an institutional investor, my firm will buy marketplace loans only if the assets can be transferred through eOriginal’s eVault system.”

Marc Rouda, Senior Vice President, Security Financial Services

“We are confident that eOriginal will help enable us to manage our portfolio prudently, so that our credit investments team can focus on its mission of providing cost-effective credit to specialty finance companies.”

Jim Rothberg, Partner, Route 66 Ventures

“Supporting our customers’ transition to digital closings is a priority for us, and the addition of eOriginal will expand options available to our customers to originate and deliver eMortgages to Fannie Mae.”

Michael Cafferky, eMortgage Product Manager, Fannie Mae

“Using eOriginal’s digital vaulting services provides crucial assurance that the integrity and authenticity of our investors’ promissory notes will never be called into question.”

Joseph Toms, President, Freedom Financial Asset Management

“I am passionate about working with disruptive companies that are improving transparency, governance and risk management in a paperless environment and excited to work with eOriginal as they rapidly advance the end-to-end digital solutions for numerous industries.”

Ron Suber, Industry Pioneer and President Emeritus, Prosper Marketplace

“eOriginal's implementation included a seamless integration with our current systems and allows for a customer friendly, digital loan process that increases our end-to-end efficiency. The solution has been a game-changer for us.”

Michael Onda, Director of Strategic Initiatives, J.D. Byrider

“We are confident that the implementation of Digital Transaction Management will not only accelerate and control our business processes, but also increase our profitability and financial backings for the future.”

John Willman, Treasurer and Vice President of Mortgage Services, Westgate Resorts

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