Creating Securitization eCertainty® in the Secondary Market

Mitigate Risk and Establish Security with Digital Transaction Management

As the secondary market continues to grow, it is crucial to enhance the confidence of investors through increased transparency and reduced risk. Learn about the role and benefits of digital securitization, challenges to digitizing secondary market transactions, the importance of an end-to-end digital solution, and an example of how an innovator in this space has grown as a result of digital securitization. 


Navigating the Digital Mortgage Processing Minefield

Merging Power and Simplicity

In Part 1 of our Digital Mortgage Series, learn what you need to be successful with the digital transformation of the mortgage industry. We address key problems to be solved, the changing regulatory roadmap, attributes of effective digital transaction management and benefits and ROI of the digital mortgage process.


Demystifiying eContracting for Auto Finance

Best Practices to Find a Solution that Improves Efficiency and Accelerates Funding

While leading automotive financing companies have used eContracting to drive major benefits in terms of both profits and streamlined operational performance, there are many facets that need to be taken into account.


Building Future Certainty in Asset Management for Marketplace Lenders

Marketplace Lenders Will Need to Gain Maturity in Managing Digital Assets

As complexity and risk rise within the industry, the need for ironclad digital contract management practices that provide unique authoritative copies of the assets and certainty will be a necessity.


Hearing the Alarm: Signing and Asset Management for Security Companies in the Digital Age

Improving Customer Experience, Driving Efficiency and Securing Your Recurring Monthly Revenue

Many security companies have had barriers to adopting e-signing, the most prevalent being the complex post-contract execution processes needed with security contracts. However, innovative Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions can now help companies realize the sales, efficiency and RMR-bolstering capabilities of e-signing and e-contracting in their businesses.  


Mitigating Risk Around High-Value Documents and Financial Assets

Some Digital Contracts that Lack Post-Signature Management May be Viewed as Too Risky for Financial Partners

Companies with digital contracts that represent financial value may be exposed to unnecessary and dangerous risks by not preparing for the post-signature life of these assets. Risks occur when funders or buyers won’t accept a digital transaction because they lack confidence in the process used to manage that asset or the process is more difficult than current paper-based processes.  


Top Vacation Ownership Companies Drive Profitability by Digitizing Business Processes

Improved Customer Experiences + More Streamlined Processes = High Profits

Now that there are solutions to enable third parties to access, acquire, transfer or pool digitally executed documents, top vacation ownership companies are moving rapidly to digitize sales transactions to gain a competitive advantage. Richer Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions that move beyond e-signature and include the entire signing and closing process are gaining traction in this industry. 


The Digital Advantage for Funders: Speed and Certainty in Asset Management

Reducing time to funding, enhancing security, and helping clients improve operational efficiencies by accepting eSignatures and digital transactions.

Complex requirements for the secure storage, management, and transfer of contracts post-signature have kept some funders from fully going digital with their signing and contract management operations. Today, there are sophisticated digital transaction management (DTM) solutions that move beyond eSigning to protect and manage the entire lifecycle of digital contracts. eOriginal’s eAsset® Management platform ensures perfection. Download our new white paper for key digitization features for Banks.


The New Possible in Electronic Asset Management

Management of Electronic Assets After Signing is Not Only Viable; It's an Imperative

The electronic revolution continues to spread into all aspects of consumer and business to business activity. Anything that can be digitized now must be digitized. The case for taking the signature and contract management process digital is overwhelming, read this exclusive white paper and find out why going digital in 2017 is the best decision you could make for your company. 


Advanced Electronic Vaulting

A Guide to eVaulting

In this exclusive white paper eOriginal provides a critical overview of the management of electronically signed documents and the importance that these high-value assets remain protected, yet accessible to authorized parties throughout the extended life of the transaction. Download our paper and learn key benefits and features of electronic vaulting.


Going Paperless

Your 5 Point Checklist for Electronic Success

In this exclusive white paper eOriginal provides you with an expert guide to help your business achieve electronic success and provides a road map to help you choose the right solution for your organization.

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