Vehicle Finance

The vehicle finance industry has been a leader in the adoption of electronic contracting solutions to extend existing loan origination systems, dealer management systems and portfolio management systems. eOriginal set the standard in this industry, providing eSignature and eAsset® Management solutions for the largest direct and indirect auto finance companies, banks, major dealers, and independent financing companies.

The companies and financial institutions in this space are funding the sale and securitization of automotive retail installment contracts to consumers and businesses. Most auto loans are issued by vehicle dealers; other lenders include large financial institutions, as well as locally based financial institutions, such as credit unions and community banks.


Faster closing of contracts and ancillary processes such as insurance and titling with straight through processing in a single transaction.

Zero errors and omissions.

Sell, assign and transfer loans in a day vs. weeks with optimum valuation in the secondary market.

Increased customer satisfaction with faster processes and fewer delays.


Essential for direct and indirect lending origination systems that want to go paperless, mobile and use customer-directed sales as a differentiator.




Case Study: Nissan
Nissan Implements eSignature and eAsset® Management Platform to Securitize Automotive Contracts.

Case Study: Chrysler Finance
Chrysler’s move to Electronic Transactions Yields Significant Benefits.

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