Vacation Ownership

The vacation ownership industry is famous for its immersive sales processes and customer courtship. For resort and timeshare companies, contract digitization is a powerful opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, decrease sales costs, reduce contract errors, and increase speed to funding.

eOriginal has revolutionized the efficiency of the sales processes within the industry, providing end-to-end digital transaction management through eSignature and eAsset® Management solutions for the nation’s top vacation resort companies: from sales presentations to customer contract execution, while providing a secure vaulted management of all documentation and signed contracts and loans.  


Eliminate the cost, time and potential human error of hard-copy document management by eradicating the process of printing, scanning, faxing and mailing paper contracts. 

Manage risk through eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Services with a secure path to manage Electronic Original® documents throughout their lifecycle, ensuring the ability to pledge, sell, and securitize eAssets. 

Provide a seamless buyer experience in a secure environment with access to all documents. 

Eliminate third party transaction fees and providing continuous integration for county official records. 

Incorporate mobile and advanced technology to meet and exceed the digital demands of the millennials.




Vacation Ownership Video: Paperless/Mobile Transactions For Westgate Resorts Timeshare Sales

eOriginal, DocuSign, and Informa Software recently joined forces to deliver a seamless end-to-end Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution for Westgate Resorts. View our video now and learn how an end-to-end DTM solution will enhance business operations across the vacation ownership industry.

Beyond the Tablet - Digital Contract Management for the Vacation Ownership Industry.

eOriginal, DocuSign, and Informa Software recently hosted a joint webinar aimed at educating the Vacation Ownership Industry on how to successfully transition to a fully digital contracting process. Attendees learned how the digital contract process is being accepted by lenders, how to create an enforceable electronic contract and how to secure optimal financing for electronic contracts. Follow this link to: View our webinar.

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