Electronic Transaction Lifecycle Management

eOriginal enables an end-to-end solution for fully electronic transactions by extending digital transaction functionality with the eAsset® Management Platform. Designed for the most demanding industry applications, we provide more security and compliance at every phase of critical digital transactions. Our solutions integrate with existing front- and back-end systems to provide a natural migration to a fully paperless environment. We specialize in the post-execution management of financial asset documentation so that you can sign, store, retrieve and transfer your electronic financial assets, with eCertainty®.

Taking your business processes 100% digital starts with an electronic signature. eOriginal SmartSign® Services offer a customizable signing solution that enables you to conduct business faster, reduce operating costs and provide a more convenient customer experience. Post execution, your eSigned documents are converted to electronic assets and managed with the highest levels of protection and compliance, maintaining the authenticity of the original documents and integrity of their content throughout the entire lifecycle of the transaction.

How It Works

Learn how eOriginal's SmartSign and eAsset® Management Platform
can impact your business.

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Why eOriginal

  • Integrate with Existing Systems
    • Integrate with existing imaging, document and content management systems for end-to-end business process improvements.
  • Increase Productivity
    • Reference single or multiple transactions in highly customizable views to speed access to the right documents.
  • Eliminate Mail, Fax and Storage Costs
    • Allow online access to both the transaction and individual documents while maintaining the highest level of document security, legality and audit trails.
  • Speed Time to Funding
    • Transfer, collateralize or securitize faster and easier while meeting or exceeding statutory requirements and ratings agency acceptance.
  • Work with Paper-Based Parties
    • Compliantly work with 3rd parties that still require paper by transitioning an electronic authoritative copy to a legally enforceable and transferable paper document.
  • Work with Paper-Based Parties
    • Compliantly work with 3rd parties that still require paper by transitioning an electronic authoritative.
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