Solar Financing

Solar financing allows energy-conscious homeowners the opportunity to invest in renewable power, where they not only benefit from clean energy, but realize cost savings on their electricity bills. eOriginal is committed to accelerating and simplifying the entire lending and loan management processes to assist with the digital transformation of this key market.

Fully electronic transactions for solar financing and leasing companies deliver on the promise of improved customer service and reduced transaction costs for the entire range of documents requiring a customer’s signature. Once agreements have been digitally signed, they are managed through eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Services, a fully digital environment where assets are controlled as a secure and legally-binding Authoritative Copy throughout their entire financial lifecycle, including potential securitization and collateralization processes.


Simplify the loan origination process and pool contracts faster and more efficiently.

Significantly reduce sales cycles and provide a first-class customer experience with a quick, easy, convenient, and secure loan process. 

Sign and manage loans and leases from the start of financing through to securitizations.

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