eOriginal's resource center provides you and your business with the education and tools you need to ensure your electronic endeavors are a success. Browse through our library of case studies, white papers, webinars and more.

Case Studies

eOriginal worked with our top customers to define their organizational problems and explain how our electronic solution was able to benefit them. Read about these critical use cases here.


Access complimentary research by independent analysts and industry experts to learn about the growing world of digital transaction mangement and the importance of financial assets and other critical electronic documents. 


eOriginal is all about making your life easier. Our videos are crafted to provide a clear, thorough and useful understanding of what it takes to protect your most valuable assets. Find out why eOriginal is the true end to end solution for secure, legal and defendable electronic transaction management.


eOriginal's webinars are informative tools on a range of topics surrounding electronic signatures and the eAsset® Management discipline. 

White Papers

Want to learn more about how to go paperless and the value of advanced post-signature capabilities? Stay on top of the ever-changing electronic world by reading through our white papers here. 

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