The Baltimore Sun

Maryland Added 3,500 Jobs in April

The Baltimore Sun - May 19, 2017

The state's job growth last month was largely attributable to gains in professional services and the public sector. eOriginal, a Baltimore-based software company that specializes in digital transactions management, has been on a hiring spree. Stephen Bisbee, its president and co-founder, attributed the company's growth to a voracious appetite for digital transactions among businesses and individuals.

Baltimore Business Journal

Baltimore Software Company in Major Growth Phase, Fueled by New capital and CEO

Baltimore Business Journal - May 17, 2017

The recent growth for this Baltimore software firm is fueled by a rapidly expanding digital transaction market, which the company serves, and assisted by the addition of over $26 million in funding and a new chief executive.

Monitor Daily

AP Equipment Financing Implements DocuSign and eOriginal

Monitor Daily - May 16, 2017

AP Equipment Financing announced the successful implementation of DocuSign electronic documents and eOriginal document vaulting. During the two-week live testing, AP successfully completed more than 40 contracts via electronic documents and saw, on average, a 35% decrease in contract completion time. Baltimore

Power Moves: Check Out These Hires Around Baltimore Baltimore - May 15, 2017

eOriginal has a new CEO following its $26 million equity round last year. 

The Baltimore Sun

eOriginal Aims to Accelerate Growth with New CEO

The Baltimore Sun - April 20, 2017

Brrian Madocks has been named the new CEO of eOriginal, a Baltimore-based software firm that enables digital transactions for financial services.

Bankless Times

Marketplace lenders preparing for mainstream integration: eOriginal

Bankless Times - March 16, 2017

Results of a survey of 195 attendees by eOriginal at LendIt USA 2017 suggest the marketplace industry is preparing for greater integration with traditional banks in 2017. 

Lending Times

Bringing the Mortgage Process Out of the Dark Ages

Lending Times - March 9, 2017

What will bring the mortgage industry out of the dark ages? First, technology, but not just technology. It must be a technology centered around streamlining and enhancing the customer experience. Strategic partnerships and a healthy competitive landscape wouldn’t hurt either.

Mortgage Professional America

Fannie Mae enhances its eMortgage platform

Mortgage Professional America - March 8, 2017

Making the lending and borrowing process easier for its customers, Fannie Mae is dedicated to eliminating obstacles and making its eMortgage platform more secure and has selected electronic document company eOriginal as its technology solution provider for its eVault.


Startups speak out: 5 top lending execs on the end of the mortgage "dark age"

HousingWire - March 7, 2017

Anyone who has attempted to buy a home is all-too-aware that it is usually a painful and time-consuming process. This article focuses on the companies that are looking to change that by completely digitizing the mortgage experience.

Bankless Times

eOriginal to Provide Fannie Mae eVault Technology

Bankless Times - March 6, 2017

Digital transaction management company eOriginal has been selected to provide the technology for Fannie Mae’s next generation electronic vault. The announcement was made at LendIt in New York City.

Citybizlist Baltimore

A Video Conversation with Steve Bisbee, President and CEO eOriginal - Part 1

Citybizlist Baltimore - February 16, 2017

eOriginal's CEO and President recaps the history of the company and answers questions from Edwin Warfield in part one of a three part series. 


Car Companies Look to FinTech to Fund New Lending and Financing

Tradestreaming - January 26, 2017

With new financing and payment options, car companies are looking to fintech for their futures.

CrowdFund Insider

Prosper’s Ron Suber Joins eOriginal Advisory Board

CrowdFund Insider - November 29, 2016

Ron Suber, president of online lender Prosper Marketplace, has joined the advisory board of eOriginal, Inc., a service for businesses that need to verify secure, legally compliant and enforceable electronic asset documentation. 

CrowdFund Insider

eOriginal Moves into Digital Mortgaging with its Latest $26.5M Investment

CrowdFund Insider - November 22, 2016

eOriginal, Inc., a service for businesses that need to verify “secure, legally compliant and enforceable electronic asset documentation”, announced earlier this month that private equity firm LLR Partners has led investments in the company totaling $26.5 million. 

Technically Baltimore

Fintech company eOriginal raises $26.5 million

Technically Baltimore - November 16, 2016

Fintech firm helps businesses complete transactions electronically. Expect hiring with the new infusion of funding.

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore software firm eOriginal Inc. raises $26.5 million

The Baltimore Sun - November 15, 2016

Baltimore software firm eOriginal Inc. has raised $26.5 million to expand its digital transactions management business.

Monitor Daily

eOriginal Secures $26.5MM Investment From LLR Partners

Monitor Daily - November 15, 2016

eOriginal, a digital transaction management company, secured a $26.5 million investment led by private equity firm LLR Partners.

Lend Academy

LendAcademy Podcast 79: Steve Bisbee of eOriginal

Lend Academy - November 11, 2016

The CEO of eOriginal talks about their digital asset management technology and why it is becoming popular with marketplace lending platforms.

Bankless Times

DigitalLEND shortens time for lenders to get online

Bankless Times - September 24, 2016

Crowdnetic, Cloud Lending Solutions and eOriginal have combined to create a customizable integrated solution allowing lenders to quickly move online.

CrowdFund Insider

Brief: Crowdnetic Teams Up With Cloud Lending Solutions & eOriginal to Launch New Turn-Key Solution “DigitalLend”

CrowdFund Insider - September 20, 2016

Cloud Lending Solutions, Crowdnetic, and eOriginal announced on Tuesday the launch of their new collaborated turn-key solution, DigitalLEND


eOriginal's Steve Bisbee on the Challenges of Data Security

BanklessTimes - August 27, 2016

eOriginal's President and CEO offers insights on data security and digital transaction management in a new write-up from Bankless Times managing editor, Tony Zerucha.


eOriginal Names 3 Executives to New Positions

HousingWire - July 21, 2016

eOriginal, which works in digital transaction management solutions, just named several new executives to its team.

Lend Academy

eOriginal – CEO and President Stephen Bisbee

Lend Academy - June 14, 2016

eOriginal CEO and President Stephen Bisbee discusses how to improve investor confidence in marketplace lending platforms with digital transaction management.

Lending Times

eOriginal – Automatic Due Diligence for Online Lenders' Documents and Data

Lending Times - June 14, 2016

There is a need to store and securely verify electronic asset documentation in a legally compliant manner which can be used, among other things, for securitization and to build investor credibility.


Showdown in Marketplace Lending? Maybe, but Digitization is on Fire

Tradestreaming - April 26, 2016

There's been a lot of talk about a slowdown in online lending and an overall weakening in demand for consumer loans. Technology providers that service the industry aren't seeing any of it, though. Online lenders are busy growing the securitization side of their businesses, where they package their loans together into investable securities and sell them to institutional investors. To do this, they're turning to third party service providers.

Mortgage Orb

The Rise of Video in the Mortgage Process

Mortgage Orb - April 20, 2016

Video is increasingly being incorporated into the mortgage process - it is being used to deliver important disclosures and educational content to borrowers, and it is a means by which borrowers can virtually agree to disclosures and electronically sign documents. Video is also seeing increasing use in the notarization of important mortgage documents.

National Mortgage Professional Magazine

What is Slowing the Adoption of Digital Transaction Management in the Mortgage Industry?

National Mortgage Professional Magazine - February 18, 2016

Throughout the industry, mortgages need to grow in their capabilities to meet the demands of a fast-paced digital world, while helping those facilitating them to maintain the integrity of the process and ultimately their market relevance. Full adoption may take time, and may happen in phases, but digital mortgages are unavoidable.

Perspective Magazine

Digital Transaction Management is Far More than Adopting eSignature

Perspective Magazine - January - March 2016

Richer Digital Transaction Management solutions that move beyond e-signature and include the entire signing and closing process are gaining traction in the vacation ownership/timeshare industry. For those that have struggled, postponed or written off their company's digital transformation, it is time to reconsider.

Non-Prime Times

Digital Transaction Management: An Inevitable Necessity to Thrive and Survive

Non-Prime Times - January/February 2016

As we enter 2016, innovation is no longer viewed as a choice or even an opportunity. From rising regulatory needs to digital demand from consumers, learn about the leading drivers of Digital Transaction Management adoption and the fate of those who fail to adopt.

Non-Prime Times

Accelerating Funding While Improving the Buyer Experience through Digital Transformation

Non-Prime Times - November/December 2015

Saving time, automating processes and shortening sales cycles have always been key components of competitive business practices. A digital sales process is thus an easily justifiable win. Learn why eContracting in the automotive industry provides more than just secure storage -- including, securing ownership of the authoratative copy, enabling digital transferable records and more.

Document Strategy

Why Mobile-Responsive Solutions Are Critical for Digital Transaction Management

Document Strategy - November 16, 2015

As mobile data usage has risen 69% in the last year, understanding the value of implementing mobile-responsive designs to meet the global consumers demand for digital transformation is becoming critical. These mobile-responsive designs can prove invaluable for organizations hoping to secure market longevity and relevance with a fully-enabled digital transaction management solution.

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence

Five-Point Checklist for Your E-Transition

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence - October 14, 2015

Switching to digital processes can benefit finance providers, dealers and consumers, according to a recent white paper titled "Demystifying eContracting for Auto Finance," from Baltimore, Md.-based eOriginal. The white paper provides a five-point checklist to ensure a successful transition to digital.

Compliance Week

eOriginal Launches Real-Time Auditing and Compliance Solution for Financial Services Firms

Compliance Week - September 29, 2015

Driven by the increasing demand for detailed real-time monitoring in support of eOriginal's fully electronic mortgage solution, DatalyticsTM provides analysis, monitoring, and reporting of origination data for faster audit request response and to prevent errors and re-submissions.

National Mortgage Professional

eOriginal Launches Datalytics™ Auditing and Compliance Solution

National Mortgage Professional - September 17, 2015 (October 2015 Print Publication - p. 18)

eOriginal has spearheaded the collaboration of several integration partners to deliver a fully digital process that includes eNotarization, eRecording, eWarehousing, eCustodian services and integration with Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) compliant SmartDocs and Forms.

Non-Prime Times

Digital Transaction Management: The Road to Innovative Financing Services and Processes

Non-Prime Times - September/October 2015 Issue

The road to innovation through Digital Transaction Management (DTM) within the non-prime automotive industry is not a simple narrative about businesses simply needing to move beyond the comfort zone of paper.

National Mortgage Professional

Digital Transaction Management: Enabling digital asset compliance for the mortgage industry

National Mortgage Professional - September 2, 2015 (August 2015 Print Publication - p. 38)

Incited by the mortgage industry's and regulators' desire for advanced, real-time compliance and auditability--the demand for digital capabilities are expected to spur the utilization of Digital Transaction Management (DTM).

Solar Power World

Solar deals are going digital

Solar Power World - August 26, 2015

The popularity of solar has spurred financial innovation, as well as attracted investors and traditional bank funders. Using DTM will help protect investments and provide legally binding contracts without the muss and fuss of pen-and-paper processes.


15 Years of E-Signatures: Time to Toss Your Pen?

CMSWire - June 23, 2015

President and CEO Stephen Bisbee sits down with CMSWire to discuss the adoption of digital transaction management as the U.S. celebrates the 15th anniversary of the eSign Act.

ARDA Developments

Beyond the Signature: Digitizing the Resort Industry

ARDA Developments - April / May 2015

The Vacation Ownership and Resort Industry is in need of digitization for their processes. President and CEO Stephen Bisbee alongside Ron Goldberg, President of Wellington Financial, discuss.

NEFA newsline

More than Just a Signature: Equipment Leasing Discovers Next Level of Digital Transformation

NEFA newsline - March / April 2015

While the move to digital has been a bit slow in the Equipment Finance Industry, eOriginal's Director of Business John Jacobs believes now is the time to implement digital tactics to reduce costs and increase revenue per sale.

American Banker

E-Sign Vendor IMM Integrates Tech with E-Vault Provider

American Banker - April 9, 2014

eOriginal President and CEO, Steven Bisbee, discusses the technology integration with IMM to provide community banks and credit unions with the ability to secure and track digital files that serve as authoritative copies.

Equipment Leasing & Finance

Game Changer: The Rise of Electronic Documents

Equipment Leasing & Finance - January / February 2015

Equipment finance has been slow to convert to electronic documents and electronic chattel paper. President and CEO Stephen Bisbee, Dominic Liberatore (DLL), David Schaefer (Mintaka Financial), and David Whitaker (Buckley Sandler) discuss.

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