Marketplace Lending

The marketplace lending industry, known to some as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending,  is disrupting the traditional lending model, as small to mid-market businesses utilize crowdfunded online transaction marketplaces to secure financing conveniently and efficiently.  

For marketplace platform companies, eOriginal’s eAsset® Management solutions securitize every financial asset for the lifecycle of the loan. For needs ranging from secure storage to pledging or collateralizing in the secondary market, eOriginal treats each and every transaction within the platform as a financial asset that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable.


Security and compliance at mass market exchange levels, which allow digital transactions to be managed and monetized in a way that mitigates risk and provides trust to buyers and future investors.

Leverage a solution that has been extensively vetted by major banks and credit card companies operating in this market.

Simplify the loan origination process and pool contracts faster and more efficiently.

Significantly reduce sales cycle and provide a first-class customer experience. 

Sign and manage loans and leases from the start of financing through to securitizations of the financial assets.



White Paper: Building Future Certainty in Asset Management for Marketplace Lenders
Marketplace Lenders Will Need to Gain Maturity in Managing Digital Assets

As complexity and risk rise within the industry, the need for ironclad digital contract management practices that provide unique authoritative copies of the assets and certainty will be a necessity.

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