Intellectual Property

From its founding as a company, eOriginal has been committed to developing and protecting the intellectual property of its proprietary processes, both in the United States and internationally.

eOriginal's Global Intellectual Property CoverageSix U.S. patents have been granted to protect the proprietary eOriginal processes and system. Additionally, eOriginal has expanded its intellectual property worldwide with 102 patents registered and another 3 pending applications in 40 countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, South America, and Australia.

  • Our technology integrates standard public-key-cryptography, electronic signatures, and document and transaction management.
    • The eCore® software technology enables secure electronic execution.
    • Multi-layer signer authentication via eOriginal's SmartSign® Web application.
    • Long-term administration of transferable records via eAsset® Management Services.
  • Our technology ensures:
    • The authenticity of Electronic Original® documents, the identity of the signatories, the integrity of the content using AES algorithm document encryption.
    • Enables the secondary market legal opinion eContract compliance certifications required by rating agencies.
  • Our technology implements the functionality needed to interoperate with third party paper-based environments:
    • Paper Out® process enables the transition of an Electronic Original® document which has been created, signed and managed in an electric format to a legally enforceable original document in either paper or electronic format.
    • Paper In® process enables documents created, signed, and stored in a paper or scanned electronic format to be transitioned to a legally compliant and enforceable Electronic Original® document.
    • Certified Print® process enables the production of certified copies of Electronic Original® documents and their secure audit trails together with the evidentiary certification needed for legal admissibility.

In its commitment to the high-level requirements of eCertainty®, eOriginal continues to pursue protection for the ongoing development of SmartSign Web, the eAsset® Management Services, the eCore® software and all it its related proprietary processes.


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