Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing research shows that eight out of ten U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. Of all the ways to acquire equipment, leasing is the method most frequently used for all equipment types. eOriginal is committed to accelerating digital transaction adoption for this key market.

Fully electronic transactions for equipment leasing and finance companies deliver on the promise of improved customer service and reduced transaction costs for the entire range of documents requiring a customer’s signature. eOriginal’s solution is used in micro, small, mid and large ticket equipment leasing companies to enable millions of transactions annually. Our technology is also integrated with well-known leasing channel partners, enabling end-to-end industry solutions.


Simplify the loan origination process and pool contracts faster and more efficiently.

Sign and manage loans and leases from the start of financing through to securitizations.

Significantly reduce sales cycles and provide a first-class customer experience.

Leverage a solution that has been extensively vetted by major banks operating in this market, industry advisors and investment groups.



Case Study: Direct Capital 
Leading Equipment Leasing Company Increases Efficiency with eOriginal’s Electronic Signature and eAsset® Management Solutions.



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