Consumer Lending

eOriginal’s electronic signature and asset management solutions are used for over 15 million transactions a year for secured and unsecured loans. Our platform is used by some of the largest financial services firms for a wide range of applications to improve customer service, reduce transaction costs, and move more and more business processes to a fully paperless environment.

Consumer Finance is a segment of the financial services industry that lends money to individual consumers. Banks and credit unions are among the lenders in this industry, as well as finance companies, pay day loan services, and organizations specializing in lending to borrowers with poor credit. As a whole, the broad range of services in consumer finance provides the financing to purchase vehicles, remodel a home or obtain secured and unsecured lines of credit from banks.


Manage personal loans through pledging and collateralization

Eliminate missing signatures and incomplete documents.

Eliminate costly paper printing, overnight shipping, faxing, mailing and filing.

Rapidly integrate digital signatures within an existing customer facing web site or portal.

Ensure confidentiality, security and authentication for any document or record.



White Paper: The Digital Advantage for Retail Banks: Speed and Certainty in Asset Management
Reducing time to funding, enhancing security, and helping clients improve operational efficiencies by accepting eSignatures and digital transactions.

Complex requirements for the secure storage, management, and transfer of contracts post-signature have kept some funders from fully going digital with their signing and contract management operations. Today, there are sophisticated digital transaction management (DTM) solutions that move beyond eSigning to protect and manage the entire lifecycle of digital contracts. eOriginal’s eAsset® Management platform ensures perfection. Download our new white paper for key digitization features for Banks.


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